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I Hurt My Back Hiking

In fact I normally would not be out in the mountains hiking, but there was a girl involved and she loves hiking. She does it all of the time and that was plenty of reason for me to want to pick it up. She is a very healthy young lady, if you get the drift. At any rate when I got back from the Sierra Nevada Mountains I started to think about how to find a good Sacramento chiropractor. We went out hiking obviously and we did a lot of it, one time I stepped on some loose rocks and I may have twisted my back a little, but I managed to not fall and I think that I simply did not care for sleeping on the ground. She had an inflatable mattress and a little foot pump to put the air in it. I could tell that would have been a really great idea. I was sleeping on top of a sleeping back, but the ground was hard and I felt it. The next day I was stiff, but I worked it out and we did a lot of hiking. She seemed to have endless stamina, but of course that came from having done it a lot.

At any rate I thought I was okay until I got home and tried to get out of the bed the next morning. I eventually managed to get up, but it was a slow and awkward process. I ended up being a good bit late for work as it took a bit to get the back loosened up. My boss is not the sort of person to put up with stuff, there is a word for what he is and it is not a nice word. So I need to figure out a solution and get it fixed.