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Having a Dermal Filler Treatment? Check Out These 3 Tips to Avoid Brusing

For years, people all around the globe have been using dermal fillers to turn back the hands of time. Having these treatments will allow a person to get rid of some of the wrinkles on their face. The key to have success with dermal fillers is finding the right professionals to work with.

Before selecting clinic to perform this procedure, a person needs to assess how much experience they have. There are some things an individual can do to reduce bruising and here are some of them.

Avoid Taking Aspirin

While taking aspirin may be something a person thinks they should do to curb any pain after a dermal filler treatment, they will need to avoid taking these pills. Taking aspirin will lead to a person’s blood platelets being stunned. This generally lead to the tiny capillaries around the area where the treatment occurred closing off.

Once this closing process occurs, the likelihood for severe bruises increase. Most experts recommend that patients avoid taking aspirin for at least a week before and after their dermal filler treatment.

Skip the Gym

Most professionals who administer dermal filler treatments advise patients to avoid going to the gym for at least 24 hours after their injections are done. Exercising will only increase a person’s heart rate, which will send blood to the affected areas. This rush of blood will generally cause bruising and swelling.

Be Sure to Ice the Affected Area

The next thing a person needs to consider when attempting to reduce swelling after a derma filler treatment is to ice the affected area. By applying cold to this area, a person will be able to constrict the blood vessels.

Not only will this help to reduce bruising, it can actually reduce any pain a person feels after their treatment. With the help of an experienced professional, a person should have no problem getting the quality treatments they are after.

Going in for a few consultations with area clinics can help a person figure out what treatments are right for them. Be sure to check out the website to find out more about derma fillers and their benefits.